Mathilde is a multi-hyphenate creative with an airy, minimal gaze that best lends itself to product photography and lifestyle work. She has carved out her passion by creating full-time for multiple clients in the skincare and interior design fields.

Her eye for textures, form and colour drives her multidisciplinary practice. She spends her days daydreaming of new creative styling concepts for visual features and café-hopping in various cities.

Her experience in the wellness industry, digital marketing, content creation and her intrigue about the human experience as a whole has truly helped her grow as a multi-faceted photographer and art director. 

Her studio space, Espace Cleo, is available for creative project rentals. 

clients of note

Unsplash+, Vogue Hotel, Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, Tidan Hotel Group x Sweetnr Agency, SOJA&Co., EG Beauty Brands, Intelligent Change, The ALKHEMIST, Boutique Skinenvie, Skinenvie Medispa, Mademoiselle Jules, Inspira Conceptions d'Armoires, Habitations Robert, Samantha Vince Design,  MindCafe, Girls Living Well, Lieberman Boutique, and +.


  • Unsplash Top 500 Most Seen & Top 100 Most Downloaded 
  • Pexels Most Viewed & Through Her Lens Challenge Third Place Winner
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